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Post  Blackfox on Mon Mar 10, 2008 5:18 pm

Your Nationality:
British, English


Ingame name:

Time Zone
GMT (London Lisbon Thingy)

Times Available
Anytime AFTER 4pm GMT

Who recruited you
I spoke to Stuka In-game about doing this application

How long have you been playing Battlegrounds 2
I used to play the old Battlegrounds then played Battlegrounds 2 for a month or two and quit, i'm recently just restarting

Any Battlegrounds 2 clan previously attended
Not applicable as i have not been in any other BG2 Clan

How long can you stay apart of The Fifty First?
Until some noob joins the clan and pisses me off xD i.e a LONG time

I was asked to right why i should join this clan, i'm going to state both formal and in-formal reasons starting with the in-formal:
I'm a nice guy, easy to get on with, i can be a really funny guy but serious when needs be.
Now for the formal; i'm a good shot, i'm average bayonet at the moment but vastly improving i can follow orders to the letter without arguing or disregarding them, i'm VERY active in-game and i'm always here, if you need me just give me a message.


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