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Post  Bullseye on Tue May 20, 2008 4:56 am

Ok why the fuck did that ban come for? First you say don't croach when shooting, but never said do not croach when reloading, apart from that if what a commander says is something pathetic I do not have the obligation to follow it, and then that gay way of tk and ban? FFS that was very gay, like what a kid with admin would do.

I don't mind if u un-ban me or not, but in my clan, I will make the notice not to play in your gay server, if it keeps being gay, as soon as it becomes a normal server I'd be glad to play in it, as I play in my own server.

That game is funny but there is no way you can make someone do something retarded, if one likes to play by his own, then let him...
Hope to listen to an answer soon


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