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Request to join (Ravens) Empty Request to join (Ravens)

Post  Ravens on Fri Jan 02, 2009 6:53 pm

Your Nationality: American
(We are looking for good english speakers)

Age: 18
(Minimum is 16+)

Ingame name: Ravens

Time Zone Central

Times Available: 4-11
(Please input the times you are mostly online on steam)

Who recruited you: was told on the server after commanding a line battle.

How long have you been playing Battlegrounds 2:a month or two.

Any Battlegrounds 2 clan previously attended: no

How long can you stay apart of The Fifty First? For as long as the clan is active.

Once you have completed this application we require that you write up a full detailed summary of why you think you could be a great asset to the clan. Please make sure it is correctly spelt and no vagueness within it, this will hinder your acceptance into the clan if it is too vague.

I believe i would be a helpful addition to the clan. I am very active and can step up and take command when needed. I was asked to join after successfully leading the main company to victory in a line battle. I really was drawn to this clan because of the position of rank and how well the orders were followed by the players. I believe that i will be able to really contribute even if it means starting as nothing more than a lineman.

PS. my email is or aim me at texasallstar1234. I will also check back here to see if i have been accepted.

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