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Post  DARKONE1 on Thu Aug 06, 2009 7:59 am

Your Nationality:
(We are looking for good english speakers)


Ingame name:DARKONE

Time Zone G.M.T 0

Times Available
Till the time I turn my pc on to the time I turn it off

Who recruited you
no one did Smile

How long have you been playing Battlegrounds 2
10 months

Any Battlegrounds 2 clan previously attended

How long can you stay apart of The Fifty First?
Till you dont need me enymore

(We are looking for committed, Dedicated players remember. We hope to build the clans reputation as being one of the best and Respectful in BG2, We need players who can Stay active with us untill the clans end)

Once you have completed this application we require that you write up a full detailed summary of why you think you could be a great asset to the clan. Please make sure it is correctly spelt and no vagueness within it, this will hinder your acceptance into the clan if it is too vague.

Well I am a good shooter and bayoneter and I enjoy the game and want to be in a stereos clan so I chose you guys I hope I was right Wink

thanks fore reading this


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