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Post  Minni on Sat Jan 05, 2008 6:28 pm

Your Nationality:
(We are looking for good english speakers)
Im from Denmark - Speaking Danish Wink

(Minimum is 16+)
Im 17years old, born 22/07/1990

Ingame name:
My name is normally Minni-

Time Zone
Guess it would be GMT+1 As far as i know

Times Available
(Please input the times you are mostly online on steam)

While im not sleeping

Who recruited you

Stuka i guess Smile

How long have you been playing Battlegrounds 2

3 days

Any Battlegrounds 2 clan previously attended

No clans attended

How long can you stay apart of The Fifty First?
(We are looking for committed, Dedicated players remember. We hope to build the clans reputation as being one of the best and Respectful in BG2, We need players who can Stay active with us untill the clans end)

Untill somthing comes up? properly in a few years ?

Once you have completed this application we require that you write up a full detailed summary of why you think you could be a great asset to the clan. Please make sure it is correctly spelt and no vagueness within it, this will hinder your acceptance into the clan if it is too vague.

Well, i love when stuff works out when it comes to teamplay.
I find it very hard to paly temaplay while not beeing in a clan, and since i love teamplay and stradigy i belive 51 would be just the place for me.

allso stuka requested me to join Wink

my own thoughts?
well i belive i can leet a proper team into battle using my mind aswell as my hands.


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Minni, joning Empty Re: Minni, joning

Post  |51st| Gen.Stuka on Sat Jan 05, 2008 8:50 pm

You are currently being monitored as a possible member of the Fifty first grenadiers. Your one weeks intensive training will begin shortly and you will be given all the information you need. To make progress towards your acceptance into the Grenadiers you must:
*Come to practices Sundays 5:30 PM GMT, Practices Tuesdays 8:30 PM GMT, and Friday 8:30 PM GMT.
failure to turn up to these practices without an excused reason will result in your drop from the clan.

Regards General Stuka.

|51st| Gen.Stuka

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